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22:16:19 03/20/2016

This cube was top of the line when I started cubing 5ish years ago. Still performs great regardless of its age. Super nice, great price and a nice cube to add to any collection


20:15:59 11/09/2015

The turning is very fast and corner cuts great, but sometimes it feels too flexible (even after adjusting the tensions). I am a noob cuber, maybe if you are very good you like it, but I found it a bit hard to control sometimes. Still, the cube is great and beautiful.


00:33:30 08/30/2015

Muy buen cubo. Muy suave, gran corte de esquina (mas de 45°). Es el primer stickerless que tengo y los colres me encantan. Lo recomiendo 100%


14:13:10 05/26/2015

as soon as I received the cube it exploded, then when I put it back together it just didn't feel like I thought it would. Although I spent heaps of time tensioning and lubing it just felt terrible and honestly I don't see all the hype about this cube, I am sticking with my aolong v2 next time


05:12:20 12/30/2014

moyu ftw dont h8 appreci8 m8 kk ;pie; dayan zhanchi good cube for like 15-25 sec solvers doe

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