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05:49:14 05/31/2019

The DaYan Bagua Cube is very challenging. More challenging than the MF8 Sun Cube.

If you haven't solved the Sun Cube, I recommend that one first. The Bagua Cube has some extra pieces in the edge piece assemblies.

This is not the first DaYan puzzle that I have purchased that didn't turn very well. It catches a lot. Several times edge pieces began to pop out, but I was able to easily snap them back in. So this puzzle never exploded on me, but you must be careful with it. I find the MF8 puzzles have better precision engineering than DaYan puzzles. The physical size of the Bagua Cube is much smaller than the Sun Cube. It's only a couple millimeters larger than a standard Rubik's cube.

The Bagua provides all the challenges of the Sun Cube and more. You will find you need a new algorithm to isolate the new wing-edge pieces from the kite-shaped pieces. The Sun Cube has little dimples on the kite-shaped pieces letting you know if it is a right or left kite piece so you can undo the internal bandaging. The Bagua Cube doesn't have those, but the new wing-edge pieces serve the same purpose.


05:39:22 10/09/2017

No estaba seguro de comprar este cubo, porque en muchos videos vi que giraba muy mal y que hacía "pop" muy fácilmente. Sin embargo, en cuanto saqué este cubo de la caja tenía un giro y no se trababa. Claro que conforme se va mezclando el giro se hace más dificultoso, lo cual es comprensible por la complejidad del cubo. Es sin duda el cubo más complicado de mi colección y uno de los más interesantes de resolver. No sueltes demasiado las tensiones del cubo, no quieres que este cubo te haga "pop".

Anonymous user

16:32:03 11/26/2016

C'est un "Cube" très passionnant. A posséder ABSOLUMENT !
Eviter cependant les manipulations trop brutales car si il pope, la reconstruction est extrêmement difficile.

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