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03:00:18 12/12/2019

I can't say anything different about the turning than other commenters, it's just perfect. It also has some corner cutting, what you wouldn't expect at this level of complexity. If you're thinking about getting a master skewb, i recommend you to buy this instead. You can see its mechanism, it has way better turning and sticker quality.


05:36:27 04/08/2019

wow this thing is the master of both skewbs and dino cubes hahah, it's hard to explain but it's a very good fun solve and the turning is top quality, I'm bewildered by this puzzle still to this day, I have only solved it around 3 times in a few years because it's very difficult


17:31:22 02/02/2019

I bought this cube 2 weeks ago, and it's just a delight to solve. It turns smoothly and rarely catches. Great cube for just $25 & I would highly recommend it.


05:44:59 03/17/2018

this is a masterpiece. one of the best puzzles in my collection (and I have over 50 items). Greg is a genius. the cube is smooth, has a top quality build, it doesn't have to be aligned in order to turn, the solving experience is very pleasant. highly recommended

Anonymous user

01:26:48 02/23/2018

Awesome and beautiful cube. Well built quality. Nice and smooth turning. A "dream" skewb cube to solve for just $25!. It is pretty much the same solve as the Master Skewb. I use the same method as rline (he's great!) but it is too bad that his tutorials are no longer on YouTube. I did some solves and it's a pleasure to turn this cube. Absolutely a must have for anyone's collection. J2018

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