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02:16:31 05/28/2019

This is a good quality puzzle. Slightly larger than a 4x4, but it feels smaller because of the shape. It's heavier than a 4x4. Quite tight, but turns ok, doesn't catch or pop. I expect it to improve after a time.


22:11:26 05/21/2019

The Lanlan Rhombic Dodecahedron a.k.a. Rua, was more challenging that I expected. I thought it would be easier than the Crazy Comet, but it had lots of surprises. The only method that seems to work is a piece-type method similar to how I solve the Icosaix. Yet the algorithms required, I borrowed from the Crazy Comet. So if you can solve the Icosaix and the Crazy Comet, you would find the Rua fun and challenging. The puzzle turns smooth enough and never popped on me. After two solves, the stickers are fine, didn't come off or chip.

The puzzle can jumble leading to strange shapes and some bandaging, but like the Crazy Comet, the jumbling is self-limiting and not difficult to return to rhombic shape.

There is an interesting corner parity that you can get that is easily solved on the Crazy Comet, but that same algorithm wont help you on the Rua. Hint: There are no fixed centers.

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