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CZ Aluminium Alloys Magic Cube

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    CZ Aluminium Alloys Magic Cube

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    Aluminium Alloys Magic Cube



    .Aluminium alloys puzzle

    .Very good looking

    .Great for collection


    .Material: Aluminium alloys

    .Size: 57*57*57 mm

    .Weight: 350g

    Package Included:

    .1 x CZ Aluminium Alloys Magic Cube


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Customer Reviews
Average Rating: 4 stars 4  (See all 6 customer reviews)
CZ Aluminium Alloys Magic Cube


20:46:52 08/03/2021

Cube is fantastic, 294g, no cornercut, but the metal is not so much polished as appears in the pictures, also it is not solid since you see the core and internal part of pieces made in white plastic, but it is a must have puzze for collectors.


10:38:26 12/21/2019

If you want one to peel off stickers and have silver cube - don't. Under the stickers it's all messed up - with scratches, damage and silver cover actually missing exposed rusted metal. It only looks good when stickered.
Works best with metallic stickers.

Anonymous user

16:44:17 10/02/2018

Been playing with this for a while and my only gripe is the fact that it smells awful and leaves the smell on my hands. The lube they used feels like it's all over the cube, with only 1 or 2 minutes of handling leaving my hands feeling sticky and having that strong lubricant odour. I find myself washing my hands after handling the cube, but otherwise there's not too much to fault.

Don't expect it to cut corners or do any type of speed cubing. It's bloody heavy and feels extremely nice to play with outside of the whole lube situation.

Anonymous user

23:02:30 05/31/2015

The cube itself I'm completely happy with. Been looking for a good metal cube for a while and the weight and mechanics of this one do not disappoint. Gotta knock off a star though for the stickers. I love the textured stickers, but I've only been playing with this cube casually (not even treating it like a speed cube, it sits on my desk at work and I casually spin it around throughout the day), and I've only had it about 3 days and 3 stickers are already peeling. There seems to be a sticker layer then a clear texture layer. The texture layer peels off super easy, then once it comes off the color wears off the sticker layer. It comes with replacement stickers, which is nice, but ultimately I'm going to have to go with a different kind of sticker, or paint it or something.

Despite that though I'm very happy with the cube and definitely recommend buying it if you're looking for a metal cube. It's nice and heavy and turns real smoothly, and I haven't had any problems with it locking up. I did drop it once and the faceplate on a center piece popped up (revealing a screw, neat!) but that popped right back on with no trouble.

Side note, this ships from China, so if you go with standard shipping expect it to take a while. Took about a month and a half to get here.


11:40:19 05/13/2014

The mechanics are basically that of the original magic cube. It turns smoothly, and I can finger trick between 2U and 3U. This is not a speed cube; it doesn't cut corners. It is heavy - mine weighs 300 g (2/3 of a pound). It can only be tightened to a certain point - the screws snug up at about 1.5 mm (or 1 penny) between the core and the center piece. The stickers are a laminate, with a color base and a textured plastic on top. I don't believe it's made from an Aluminium alloy: I did a quick density test and found the alloy to be about the same density of steel or zinc. Were it Aluminum, it would weigh less than half the 300 g it actually weighs. The factory lubricant is not odorless; it smells like White Lithium, which has a definite "machine" smell to it. Still, I'm satisfied with the cube, as it's truly unique, and has a smooth, pleasant feel.

See all 6 customer reviews

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