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05:41:50 01/28/2017

Best 2x2 on the market by far! Great corner cutting, and very good after lubrication!


13:03:01 04/21/2016

Great Cube, fast turning, good corner cutting, and a really simple mechanism


20:57:09 02/15/2016

Great cube, has great movement, no lock ups, however the one I got pops a lot if use too much force.


11:39:21 11/03/2014

By far the best 2x2x2 cube the fastest and smoothest by far I have the wittwo and moyu lingpo and they a no where nearly as good I am glad I got this and I have had no pops or lock ups.

Dayan Zhanchi 2x2x2: Extremely fast and smooth and is not uncontrollable never pops or locks up and is extremely smooth and quiet, the best corner cutting out of all 2x2x2 cubes and leads into algorithms easily.

Moyu Linpo: very fast but a smooth but crunchy feel, pops a lot and has mediocre corner cutting which leads to lock ups and feels very crunchy at those moments, it is uncontrollable because when you try to lead into a algorithm it locks up and makes it uncontrollable it is loud but not as much as a wittwo and it feels really bumpy during fast movements.

Wittwo: The wittwo has a very crunchy and bumpy feel, it is extremely noisy and is really annoying during solves, it tends to lock up as it is not as fast as the other 2 cubes and has the worst corner cutting out of the other cubes this makes it pop alot.

Overall: You should get the Dayan Zhanchi 2x2x2, it is the best by far and wins in every category, speed: Extremely fast and extremely smooth, corner cutting: Cuts 45-50 with no force and can reverse cut half give or take a cubie, Pops/Lock ups: This never locks up because of the great corner cutting and never pops unless you force a massive corner cut but you should not be cutting this much any way (Has never popped or locked up for me).
Even though the Dayan Zhanchi 2x2x2 is the most expensive $9.85 is still not that much.
If you are Not fond or spending $10 dollars then you should buy the Lingpo for around $6.25 and in my opinion that is just a waist and you should save 4 more dollars to get the Dayan and plz do not buy the wittwo it is way to loud and crunchy and this makes it not fast and has horrible corner cutting so go ahead and buy the Dayan Zhanchi 2x2x2 you will be spending your money well.

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