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Anonymous user

06:21:02 03/03/2018

I thought it was old plastic, it wasnt't. :(

Anonymous user

10:57:55 05/20/2017

This cube is very fast and smooth and is the best 2x2 out of he market today but it dose pop a lot like once every 50 solves.When it does pop it is really easy to put back together but this takes me 3 seconds to put it back but when the enternals pop it takes about 10 to 25 seconds which obviously ruins your time. This could also depend on the type of cube you get because other reviews don't say about the popping issue. If you want a cube that dose not pop but is very good as the dayan is the moyu weipo.


08:40:52 07/19/2016

I got a v new plastic one even though the title said v1 old plastic. It's ok...

Anonymous user

18:07:04 01/30/2016

This cube is brilliant! It turns well especially after tensioning it and lubricating. Highly Recommend it to advanced or any other level speedcubers. It turns smoothly and corner cuts 45° . This is my main

Anonymous user

03:29:18 06/25/2015

Had a stickerless Zhan Chi 2x2 before this however the black one I got for competition popped 3 times in the first hundred solves. My stickerless one has never popped once in the 2 years I've had it. Would go with a Funs Puzzle or Wit 2 instead.

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