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YongJun TICK Cage

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    YongJun TICK Cage


    This YongJun TICK Cage is a fun and strategic game which can be seen as 3-D version of tic-tac-toe for up to 4 players. While it may seem easy to get three colour Cubes in a row, the Cage twists and turns, re-shuffling all the colours and making this game a challenge for all. If you really want to throw off your opponent, you can even flip the Cube upside down to really ‘scramble’ the 3D puzzle! The player with the most three in a row colour blocks wins!


    Game Rules:

    2- player game: Each player selects three different sets of colored Cubies. For example, Player 1 selects the red, blue, and yellow Cubies, and Player 2 selects the green, orange and white Cubies. Each player should have 12 Cubies.
    3- player game: Each player selects two different sets of colored Cubies. For example, Player 1 selects the red and blue Cubies; Player 2 selects the yellow and green Cubies, and Player 3 selects the orange and white Cubies. Each player should have eight Cubies.
    4-player game: Each player selects one set of colored Cubies. Any remaining Cubies should be placed to one side and these will not be used in the current game.


    1- Players take turns in this game, with the youngest player making the first move.
    2- On a turn, a player can choose to do any one of the following:

    - Insert a Cubie: A player may remove the top door of Rubik's Cage and place one Cubie into any of the eight sections.

    - Turn the Cage: A player may turn one layer of Rubik's Cage one quarter turn (90 degrees) in either direction.

    - Flip the Cage: A player may flip Rubik's Cage upside down by rotating it 180 degrees.

    (Note: During the game, a player cannot directly reverse the preceding player's move.)
    YongJun TICK Cage

    3- Play continues to the right until all Cubies have been placed. If a player has no Cubies remaining, he/she must either turn a layer or flip Rubik's Cage on his/her turn.

    4- The first player to align three of his/her Cubies of the same color in a row on one face of Rubik's Cage - vertically, horizontally or diagonally - is the winner!
    If the game continues until the last Cubie is placed in Rubik's Cage and no player has won, the game is a DRAW.




    .Brand new YongJun TICK Cage

    .More challenging and fine


    .Brand: YongJun

    .Color: Stickerless

    .Size: 70*70*70 mm

    .Weight: 145g

    Package Included:

    .1 x YongJun TICK Cage


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YongJun TICK Cage


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